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About Aromablend

As trained and licenced Aromatherapists & Katseye consultants we use the finest ingredients in our hand made Aromablend ™products.

Our blends have been developed by a practicing clinical aromatherapist with over thirty years experience and owe more to the complex methods of blending of the perfumery trade than traditional British aromatherapy.

Aromablends™ use the highest grade of essential oils, which work synergistically to achieve the most therapeutic effect in treating a whole range of health and well being.

Aromablends™ oils used are chosen for their therapeutic function and are not diluted or adulterated in any way. We buy from a pool of over ninety suppliers on the basis of therapeutic soundness and not just on " purity ".

All the blends used are a complex mixture of essential oils. These are all natural plant extracts and are controlled to the highest levels of purity.

Our oils are sourced from a known, approved supplier, and subjected to physical and chemical testing to ensure that it is an essential oil of the highest quality, free of adulteration or contamination.

All the essential oils used in the blends are subjected to analysis using gas liquid chromatography, which is capable of routinely identifying constituents and possible contaminants down to a few parts per billion

All products contain the highest quality therapeutic grade pure essential oils. The only other ingredients used are either Polysorbate 20 ( this makes oil soluble in water - it is the highest grade available and  is derived from sugar ) or hypo allergenic, fragrance - free lotions, creams and gels.

All products can be bespoke and created  to meet the specific requirements of each individual client. They can also contain the clients name if required.

Please call us or use contact form for more details for ordering of bespoke items. You can also purchase our products direct from our spa in Maidstone.

The blends of essential oils are supplied, and recipes for products are provided by Katseye Training, EH17 8TW, on behalf of Katseye Blends.

Katseye Blends are Members of The Aromatherapy Trade Council Licence no.117