The 42 Synergies - 10ml

Pure Essential oils can be used successfully on their own. Lavender, for example, can help to soothe skin, and Eucalyptus is legendary for its ability to help clear a stuffy nose. But when two or more Essential oils are mixed together the effects or smell are not only enhanced but produce a therapeutic effect greater than the effect that could be achieved by using the oils individually. This effect is called a 'synergy' A skilled Aromatherapist is attuned to the properties of many different essential oils. They can blend them into soothing lotions and creams or combine their specific properties and powerful scents with a skillful massage.

Our 42 synergies are concentrated blends of two or more pure essential oils that complement one another and work to enhance the overall effect. They are own prescriptive recipes, created from 30 years of experience by Chris Katsis, a Mastier Clinical Aromatherapist in using essentials oil for therapy. Use them when you want to relax, be soothed, feel refreshed or just enjoy their fragrance.

How to use: 
Add a few drops of essential oils to water for use in baths, showers, vapourisers, compresses or room sprays
Blend into vegetable oil, lotion, cream or gel for massage, skin care and therapy

For further instructions on how to dilute or blend these products please read the information leaflet that accompanies your chosen Aromablend product. We have a range of 42 pre blended essential oils, each carefully created by a Master Clinical Aromatherapist with over 30 years experience in the field. These essential oil blends are pure and of therapeutic quality - which means that they are created to have a therapeutic effect on the body and mind - not just smell good!

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