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Aromatherapy Recipes

Dry Hand Lotion

8 oz. unscented lotion (many sellers of natural products and aromatherapy products sell unscented lotion, shower gel and shampoo)
10 drops Patchouli
20 drops Sandalwood
5 drops Carrot Seed

Directions: The best way to blend the oils with the lotion is to pour the lotion into a bowl, add the oils and then mix very well. Once mixed, add the lotion back to the bottle. Patchouli, sandalwood and carrot seed oils help aid with dry skin. The patchouli and sandalwood oils have a lovely rich scent when blended together.

The carrot seed oil is wonderful for the skin, but is a little harsh in aroma. Borage and Evening Primrose are wonderful carrier oils for helping the skin. If you have either of these oils or can afford to get a small quantity, add a little to your lotion for to give your skin even more nourishment. It is always wise to do a skin patch test first on new blends first before using often to ensure that you do not have a sensitivity to the blend.

Insect Repellent

I love spending time outdoors, especially in the warmer months, but mosquitoes and other flying/biting insects can ruin the best of outdoor occasions. Synthetic insect repellents are known to cause irritation and sensitivity in some people, are toxic and can be harmful to the environment.

This more gentle insect repellent only requires a few reasonably priced essential oils and other ingredients, has a pleasant aroma, and can be quite effective in keeping the little itchy critters away. this product may be gentler than most commercial products, but you still should do a skin patch test before fully using it.


  • 4 oz. clean spray bottle with a fine mist setting (do not use a bottle that previously contained cleaning products or hair products such as hair spray).
  • 1.5 ounces of distilled water and 1.5 ounces of high-proof alcohol (vodka is suitable, isopropyl or rubbing alcohol is not). Alternatively, you may omit the alcohol and increase the amount of distilled water to 3 ounces.
  • 15 drops Citronella Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Lavender Essential Oil
  • 10 drops Eucalyptus Essential Oil
  • 5 drops Lemongrass Essential Oil

Directions: Fill the spray bottle with the choice of either 1.5 ounces of distilled water and 1.5 ounces of alcohol or 3 ounces of distilled water. (Even though a 4 oz. bottle is suggested, leave about 1 oz. unfilled so you can shake the bottle well between uses.) Then, add 30-40 drops of essential oil. Essential oils can very in strength. You may want to try 20 drops at first especially if you live in a household with someone who is sensitive to strong aromas. Shake the bottle prior to each use, and let it sit for about a day before making a conclusion that the aroma is too weak; the aroma can change after the air freshener has had time to sit. Mist lightly in the room.

Be especially careful not to allow the air freshener mist fall onto furniture or into open beverages.

To Use: Shake the bottle before each use. Essential oils do not fully dissolve in water and alcohol and will settle. If you do not shake the bottle, you risk having concentrated droplets of essential oil irritate your skin. Mist onto your skin and clothing and reapply as necessary. Discontinue use if you feel sensitivity from the repellent. Be careful not to mist delicate fabrics or surrounding furniture that may be harmed by the ingredients in the repellent.

Be especially careful not to allow the mist fall onto into open beverages.

Everyone and every situation is different. Although this recipe has worked well for me over many summers, there is no guarantee that this recipe will prevent you or other users from being bitten by insects and it hasn't been scientifically tested for effectiveness. You assume all responsibility for trying or modifying this recipe and seeing if it works for your particular needs. This recipe has not been tested for the prevention of ticks or their bites.

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