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Aromatherapy  Workshop
We live in such a stressful world. With so much pressure from work, school, and just the everyday grind, there are times when we just really want to pull our hair out and scream. Or, we could go to the spa and maybe get a relaxing aromatherapy massage to soothe ourselves. But who are we kidding? With the way things are going in the office or school or whatever keeps us busy, who says we even have time, or the funds, to go to the spa?

Let us all rejoice then as the people from Aromablend heard our cries, and have come up with the perfect solution. Why not make your own aromatherapy products?


Aromablend, in conjunction with Adore Therapy Studio, conducts Practical Make Your Own Aromatherapy Workshops at their riverside studio in Maidstone, Kent. And practical it is! With life's daily stresses, the closest thing we can have to a spa experience is having our mini spa atmosphere at home, made possible with our handy oil burners and aromatherapy oils that you can now buy almost anywhere. Great, right? Not exactly. The problem with buying just any aromatherapy oil we can find in town, is that we can never be too sure that we're getting the 'real thing'. Now, with this Aromatherapy Workshop, we can all learn how to make our own aromatherapy products, be it for our own personal use or as a really chic wellness gift! Not only is it so much more fun, but it's also a lot more practical as we can save a lot of money on buying expensive aromatherapy products and at the same time, make sure that we're only making the best and the purest!


This workshop lets you learn everything you need to know about basic aromatherapy and more. Conducted by a qualified  aromatherapist, you learn a lot in just half a day. You learn everything from what exactly aromatherapy is to its many benefits and uses, from each essential oils' effects to how to spot a fake; from how to mix the right oils in order to make the perfect scent to how to take care of the oils. They even give you a few tips on beauty and skincare. But the best part of this workshop is the hands-on experience of actually being able to make your own products to suit your needs.

Aside from the course guide that they give you at the beginning of class, you'll also be making 4 products of your own to take home which include, a rollerball, cream, body lotion and bath salts you get to choose which  oils best suit your needs.


Each class is intimate, as Aromablend tries to limit the number of participants to 5 per class so the learning can be more personal and enjoyable. The class itself is informal and friendly and most of all, a lot of fun.

We can even bring a class to you if you would like to have an aromatherapy product making party for your friends and live in Kent, then please just ask.